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Meet the professionals within the Cleaning industry space of Hygiene, Hygiene consumables, Pest Control, Specialised Cleaning and Contract Cleaning.

Being a professional soft services provider since 1991, the Stallion Group Shareholders took a decision to move into the Cleaning and Hygiene Industry. The business was officially registered in June 2019 and we have placed ourselves in a position of being able to compete with the best providers.

Outstanding service makes the difference.

Clive Zulberg, CEO Stallion Cleaning Services

Starting out as a Security Services provider, established by Clive Zulberg, some 29 years ago, Stallion very quickly became a leader in the Industry and evolved itself into a top-quality business, providing holistic solutions to all industry segments.

The Group, very cleverly split itself into specialised fields within the security space where separate (Pty) Ltd Companies were formed to provide security services to the Commercial, Industrial and Mining, Domestic and Education and the Retail Sectors.

We had created a business that therefore understood these completely different markets and became specialists in ensuring top quality service delivery to each of them.

How we do it

Serving the entire Country

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Moving into the Cleaning and Hygiene Industry has by and large come on the back of a high percentage of our existing Security client base, requesting that we place ourselves in a position of a full range of soft services.

Stallion has completed a due diligence into the Industry to enable us to enter with a full understanding of what does and does not work. Along with aligning ourselves to the best possible brands to provide equipment, chemicals, consumables, hygiene and pest control, we have backed this up with an understanding that the Industry is still rather stagnant.

A better choice for cleaning

Stallion is a forward thinking, entrepreneurial business that wants to challenge the top brands. With the use of amazing technology, we have realised that we would, very easily be enabled to provide alternative solutions and place ourselves in a niche space within the Industry. We are positive many will follow but for now, we would be the one business that would without any question, provide tangible solutions with a view to improving the cleanliness and hygiene of any client premises.

Ensuring cleaning and hygiene standards

Creating an environment which is clean, safe and hygienic is of utmost importance to us. We adhere to the best healthcare cleaning practices.


What you need to know about our work process

Stallion Cleaning and Hygiene is ISO 9001 accredited, and a certified audited member of the National Contract Cleaning Association (NCCA) We are Level 1 B-BBEE accredited. From Occupational Health and Safety to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), strict adherence to the highest cleaning standards is at the heart of our services